CASE STUDY - Grow your Online Sales 300% By Effectively Utilizing Facebook Ads

If you’ve been in the eCommerce world for any length of time, there is a good chance you’ve heard of the importance of Facebook advertising to drive sales. This is completely true. Online advertising and specifically Facebook and Instagram advertising have become a crucial foundation for successful eCommerce startups.

We recently had a client come to us with a very unique product, strong social following, but absolutely no experience with Facebook ads. They had already invested in high-quality creative assets and gave us the green light to split test and completely takeover their online advertising efforts. At this time, they were a multiple six-figure/year eCommerce business. Using Facebook and Instagram advertising alone we double their monthly revenue….in our first week….yes, you read that correctly. They were generating between $20k-$30k/month in online revenue and we generated them an additional $20k on Facebook in our first week.


We would go on to make them a multi-million-dollar company in 5 months.


What is the lesson here? Yes, of course, you should be utilizing Facebook ads if you’re not doing so already. But, more importantly, you should invest in either:

  1. Learning how to do them yourself


2. Outsourcing them to someone who does whether that is bringing someone in-house or outsourcing to an advertising agency with a proven track record.

What you absolutely cannot afford to do is to do nothing at all. Every day you procrastinate on implementing some sort of digital advertising strategy is another day your competition gets a little bit further ahead of you.

Digital advertising is here to stay so you might as well capitalize on it.

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