How To Grow Your Social Media Following For Free

While it is true, organic growth is tough and requires a consistent social strategy, it is still an important piece of brand awareness especially for new businesses who may not have a large advertising budget. Organic growth is more focused on gorilla style tactics and takes more effort than just throwing money at your social accounts. Growing your social media for free can be a useful way to generate business without having to dump thousands in advertising. 

The goal of this article is to provide you with actionable steps and takeaways that you can apply to your social media accounts today.

Consistent Posting

The first step towards organic growth seems like an obvious one and that is to make sure you’re posting on your various social accounts every single day. Achieving organic growth is not realistic if you neglect your social media accounts. Consistent posting will increase engagements and show the algorithm that people are interested in your content. Make sure this content is engaging. To learn more about creating a content distribution strategy read our article on that here. 

Engage with Your Community

This doesn’t not just mean reply to people that comment under your posts or who DM you. This means interacting with other pages who have similar audiences. Gary Vaynerchuk calls this the $.02 strategy. Leave a comment under their post, start a conversation, slowly become a “regular” on different accounts with an audience you want. People will begin recognizing your profile and will be more likely to follow you. Engaging with your community will encourage long-term organic growth. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for other people outside of your community to see your posts. This is powerful considering you don’t have to pay to use them. Take Instagram for example, if you’re an eCommerce company that sells athletic clothing you can use “#gym” “#athlete” on your pictures and people who don’t follow you and who have never heard of your company before can see those pictures when they lookup those different hashtags. This is a very powerful tool if used correctly and is the cornerstone of free growth on social media. Make sure you research hashtags in your industry that are popular. You can do this by going on your Instagram and clicking on the tab that says “Tags.” You can them type in any hashtag you want and evaluate the number of posts and engagement.

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