We have a Facebook epidemic spreading all throughout the business world. It is costing businesses hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. All because they don’t know the piece of information I am about to share with you now.

In 2012, Facebook released the “promote post” button. This button was renamed to the “boost” button shortly after. The point of the boost button was to create an easier way for business owners to advertise their posts. In the past few years, organic reach on Facebook has declined dramatically. This has caused many businesses to turn to the boost button to reach people with paid advertising that they would have reached before organically. Here is where the problem begins.

The boost button is the easy way to create an ad campaign on Facebook. The harder way that requires more skill is through Facebook Business Manager. This is where you can create very detailed, targeted Facebook ad campaigns. In the Business Manager you can tell Facebook what you want the objective of your ad campaign to be. Using the boost button, you cannot. I’ll give you an example to better explain why this is a massive problem.

Let’s say for example that you’re a real estate brokerage. You want to use Facebook ads to generate leads for a specific property. Great idea.  Let’s also assume that you don’t know about Facebook Business Manager. So what you do is create a post with a beautiful picture, the details of what makes the home great, and you even add a link to the caption that will take the potential lead to your website for more information. Then you hit the boost button. To your dismay, all that happens is that you get a bunch of likes, maybe even a few comments and shares, but virtually no leads.

Maybe you spent $100, or maybe even $1000. You then stop boosting posts because it was a waste of money and now you insist that Facebook ads don’t work. What you didn’t know is that you weren’t running real Facebook ads to begin with. I will explain.

When you hit the boost button Facebook automatically assigns the objective of “Post Engagement” to your ad. Even if you are boosting it with the intention of getting leads. This is done for simplicity. This causes Facebook to show your ad to people most likely to engage with it, instead of showing it to people who are most likely in the market to buy a home. See the problem?

Luckily you’re reading this and can now stop wasting your money on the boost button. What can you do to make sure you’re not wasting your money, but still get results from Facebook ads? Well, you have two options. Either hire a company like mine who specializes in getting results with Facebook ads, or take a bit of time to really learn how it all works. Either way, you will be much better off and more importantly you will actually start getting results and begin making a positive ROI on Facebook.

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